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The 4 circuits of Roero Bike Tour

CANALE MONTA' D'ALBA SANTO STEFANO ROERO MONTEU ROERO Montaldo Roero BALDISSERO D'ALBA SOMMARIVA PERNO POCAPAGLIA Sanfrè Santa Vittoria d'Alba Monticello d'Alba Corneliano d'Alba Piobesi d'Alba Vezza d'Alba Castagnito Castellinaldo Guarene Magliano Alfieri Priocca Govone
3280 m
75% path, 25% low traffic roads
Difficulty: EE (Excursionists Experts)

The RBT, Roero Bike Tour, is an itinerary dedicated to the mountain bike or e-bike usage that’s 140 km long with a univocal direction. It covers the whole Roero’s perimeter, including the three big Trails that already exist (the S1, the S4 and the S3).
RBT is divided in 7 steps, with some alternative paths or linking paths, and it lets you go from town to town on paths which are totally surrounded by nature or less busy roads.
The RBT may be done also in 4 circuits (from 15 to 48 km), adapting the itinerary to suit your own specific preferences.


Circuit 1 
Includes the steps 1, 2, 2A, 5 (in the final part).
Along the geological ridge of Rocche, in the territory of Cisterna d'Asti and Monteu Roero: a paradise of biodiversity that connect directly to the region of central Roero of Vezza d'Alba and its panoramic "Madonna dei Boschi" Sanctuary, immersed in the crests of precious vineyards that brings you to the historical centre of Canale. 
Lenght: 34 km
Elevation+: 950 m
Path with some portage needed. 
Difficulty: MC (average skill level)
Download the GPX track. 

Circuit 2
Includes the steps 3, 4, 5, 2A.  
Along the geological ridge of Rocche between Monteu Roero adn Pocapaglia, with vertiginous overlook on sandy precipices. Crossing the villages of central Roero, with its medieval towers and castles that emerges from wide woods and vineyards: Santa Vittoria d’Alba, Monticello, Corneliano.
Lenght: 48 km
Elevation +: 1280 m
Difficulty: MC (average skill level)
Path with some portage needed. 
Download the GPX track. 

Circuit 3
Incudes the step 3A.
A step that go trough one of the wider ancient wood of Roero, in the flat territory that connect the village of Pocapaglia to Sanfrè and its hidden castle. A tour properly apt for families, that penetrates oak woods and untouched undergrowt. 
Lenght: 16,5 km
Elevation +: 160 mt
Difficulty: TC (tourism). 
Path, low traffic roads.
Download the GPX track.

Circuit 4
Includes the steps 6 and 7.
A section that pass trough the softer Roero that overlook to the fertile Tanaro valley: low traffic roads between orchards, vineyards and historical top villages with its sumptuous baroque palaces: the castle of Guarene, the castle of Magliano Alfieri,  the royal residence of Govone. Open panoramas in a zig zag of soft hills, to reach the flat valley along the river, into the old mills channel. 
Lenght: 40 km
Elevation +: 890 mt
Path, low traffic roads, some portage needed. 
Difficulty: MC (average skill level).
Download the GPX track.


The Roero Bike Tour has its own signage designed for cyclists. Search the diamond-shaped signs along the itinerary, that gives you information about the difficulty of the path: 

green: easy
yellow: medium
red: difficult.

For any doubts, consult the GPS map that can be downloaded. 

There are technical sections in places, but these can always be overcome on foot, carrying or pushing your bike, or by making use of public transit between villages. Along the route, there are marked stations for charging e-bikes and for minor repairs that may be necessary along the way.


• The ROAD BOOK, available at the Tourist Office of Ecomuseum (p.zetta vecchia Segheria 2/B - Montà - Cn) or at the Tourist Office of Alba Bra Langhe Roero (p.za Risorgimento 1 - Alba - Cn).

• The complete GPX or KMZ track, or the GPX tracks of each ring (Anello 1Anello 2Anello 3Anello 4).
GPX tracks are also available on smartphone APP:
Search: “RBT Roero Bike Tour” on the official account of Ecomuseum of Rocche of Roero.

• If you prefer cycle without minding signage and itinerary, you can book a MTB Guide that will carry you in your mtb trip, tells you about the territory and take a break with you in the best local wineries!