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Borghi delle Rocche - Castagnito


Composed of two distinctly diverse environments – plain area and hilly environment – the Castagnito territory is interesting for more than one reason. Further than having excellent wines, Castagnito offers to the visitor typical and of high quality fruit and vegetable products.  The concentric Castagnito is dominated by the relief which is still today named “the castle”. Today, the top of the hill, placed above the Town Hall in a fine panoramic position, is called "Castelverde" and has converted into a picnic area.



The building that stood there is mentioned as early as 1074, and was for centuries ruled by various branches of the Roero counts, a noble Asti family which in the medieval period acquired much of the territory bearing now its name. It was a fence with a ditch and a wall, having inside it a tower at the highest point, which has never been used with residential purpose. Nowadays there are no traces of the old building, but the upper position remains as a panoramic pic nic area.

Parish church, built in 1674 on the site of the demolished church of  Ss. Quirico and Giulitta. It contains a precious painting of Moncalvo.

  Baroque Brotherhood of “Disciplinanti” dedicated to the Holy Spirit, built in 1708 next to the parish church.

Small circular church with portico, built with a refined baroque line in the early 18th century, recently restored.

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