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Borghi delle Rocche - Guarene


The town of Guarene is one of the most elegant and refined historical centre of the whole Roero.
The top village is exposed to a natural panoramic balcony on the Tanaro river's valley. The upper part of the village is dominated by the baroque castle, projected and built in the eighteenth-century by Carlo Giacinto, count of Roero's noble family. Walking through the narrows streets of Guarene, admiring Churches, Palaces, and the precious historical and architectural monuments is an experience to do: with the audioguides of the Architinera project you can listen to the narration of the town in 11 stop-over.
You can download or listen the files directly on the web-site of the tow-hall.



The primitive settlement of Guarene was located in the Tanaro plain, on the hill slopes where the current town is situated. The archeological artifacts of the Roman Age make you think about settlements already existing in the first centuries after Christ: vases and coins in the current regions of Lavaj and of the Piove, where it’s been assured the existence of a parish church (pieve) called San Giovanni di Villa. Guarene went then in the hands of the Roero family, rich bankers from Asti, in 1379. The Roeros, vassals of the Marquisate of Monferrato, became then faithful to the Duke of Savoia until the french Revolution. Because of the strategic position of Guarene, the fortified walls were, for many centuries, an imperative necessity, especially at the end of the twelfth century, when the hostility between the municipalities of Alba and Asti began. The Paramuro, considered now-a-days a romantic walk, it’s actually considered the signature of this defensive system.


Castle. Fascinating baroque construction built between 1726 and 1775 to a project by carlo Giacinot Roero, to replace an old turreted fort demolished. Nowadays the castle is a luxury hotel with spa, but the baroque rooms with frescos of the first floor and the italian garden is open to visit (only Saturday and Sunday), booking in advance: www.castellodiguarene.it

Il Poggiolo 
It's a panoramic cantilevered balcony where you can see an excellent view of Guarene and its natural sight on Langhe hills.  You can reach it walking along the pathway of the ancient defensive walls under the castle.

San Bartolomeo e San Pietro.
Parish church rebuilt in 1782 in the baroque style with a single nave, a second nave was added on the valley side in 1825. It contains a painting by Moncalvo.

Santissima Annunziata. Church of the Disciplinanti, rebuilt in 1699. The bell-tower of the earlier building survives. It contains a painting by Moncalvo and has recently been extensively restored.

San Michele. Church of the Disciplinanti, mentioned in 1379 and rebuilt along baroque lines, in the 18th century.

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