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For an interactive hiking trip, mixing both physical activity and entertainment, you can use the Theme-based trails Audio-video guides.
While you are calmly walking according to your pace, an audioguide tells you more about what you are seeing, while the map leads you along the trail.
Popular histories and interesting anedoctes that will let you know deeply the Rocche and their villages.

An amazing adventure for everyone: izi.Travel is an easy help for your trip. You can download the app on your smartphone, that uses the inner speaker of your phone, so that you won’t need any earphones.
You can use it riding your bike, too!
You will just have to download the app “izi.Travel” on your smartphone, and look for the audioguides of the paths.
Each one of the 18 Theme-based Paths has his own audioguide.

Each audioguide shows you the whole Tour and all the Points on the Tour. The app also works as a satellite navigator, using the GPS sensor of your smartphone: you will always know your current position in the tour and the position of the next Point.
Using the speaker of your smartphone you can listen to the narrator voice. In this way a single phone will be enough for 3-4 people. Anyway, if you prefer a private listening you can use your earphones.

The download of the app izi.Travel is free.
Is the first promotional period the use of the audioguides will be free, later it will cost 3 euros each.


Download and install the app izi.Travel on your smartphone.
The download is free and it’s available on Google Play, Apple Store and Microsoft.
Izi.Travel is a tool that manages hundreds of audioguides all over the world. Izi.Travel is NOT an exlusive of the Ecomuseo delle Rocche.

How to find the Ecomuseo Delle Rocche del Roero audioguides on izi.travel
If you type “Roero”, instead, all the Ecomuseo delle Rocche del Roero paths will appear.
Download the audioguide.
Downloading the audioguide using the Wi-Fi connection allows you to have all the Tour data on your smartphone before beginning the walk.

4 good reasons to download the audioguides:

1.To limit the consumption of your smartphone battery
2.To limit the use of data where there’s no Wi-Fi connection
3.In order not to have problems where the phone reception is not good
4.To listen more clearly to the audio

The audioguide uses the GPS sensor of your phone and starts talking as you reach each point. You don’t need to activate it, it automatically takes function while you are walking.
You can pause the passage, if you want, or listen to it all the times that you want. You can also stop or skip a passage, if you are not interested in it. Anyway, you can also listen to the audioguides at home or in your hotel just clicking on the Points you want to listen.


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