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Borghi delle Rocche - Montaldo Roero

Montaldo Roero


Medieval cylindrical tower
Emblem of the village, is an impressive building thirty meters high and with a diameter higher than eight meters and a half, built by Roero around 1374 near a more ancient castle which belonged to the “de Montaldo”, castellans of the Bishop of Asti and disappeared in '700.

Ss. Annunziata Parish Church. It keeps strong recalls to the Romanic age. The suggestive interior, with a basilica plan and three naves, has been restored to its original shape of the fourteenth-century Gothic in 1925. The contemporary bell tower and the perimeter walls are characterized by ogival openings, by strong buttresses and indented summit frames made of bricks.

Not so far away, at the beginning of the road which brings to the tower, there is the little Church of S. Giovanni (with reduced aisle due to interventions dating back to 1987) of which the Romanesque apse dates back to the mid-fourteenth century. It was probably the chapel of the castle at the beginning, belonged then to the “Disciplinati” Brotherhood of S. Giovanni, also known as “battuti neri”. To the east of of the town there is the pylon of San Michele (the first parish of Montaldo Roero). 

To the west, well visible, there is the little Church of Madonna delle Grazie (for Montaldo inhabitants is “Madonnina”), which was built in 1634 and a little further the bridge the chapel of Santa Libera.

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