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Borghi delle Rocche - Castellinaldo


Castellinaldo is a small uphill town mostly dedicated to the viticulture: the 63 % of its lands are vineyards. From the balcony of the historical centre there is a suggestive view on cultivated landscape, formed by geometrical hills crossed by sinuous lines. Wineries of Castellinaldo offers visits and tastings in their cellars or in the local "Bottega del Vino", an association of wine producers.
A curiosity of the town is the "Bocce quadre" competition, a special event where to play square-shaped bocce, ideal to be utilized in the uphill roads.


- The Castle (private):
heavy construction that once belonged to the Damiani family, erected in the early 16th century around an earlier tower, and decapitated in the earthquake of 1887. The adjacent castle of the Malabaila family was knocked down in the late 19th century.

- San Dalmazzo e San Sebastiano. Parish church, standing on the steep cliff below the castle, it was rebuilt between 1752 and 1756.

- San Servasio. Isolated chapel at the top of a hill, a typical religious "high place". Late Romanesque structure, it contains a cycle of frescoes dated 1581.

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