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The main aim of a Ecomuseum is to protect the traces of ancient rural society and to present to the visitors a community in its historical flux of life. The “Museum’s object” are landscapes, nature, architecture, cultural identity but also the people, the memories and objects of traditions ad everyday’s lifestyle.

The Ecomuseum of Rocche of Roero, 20 minutes far from the city of Alba, Asti and Langhe area, clusters the eight peaks boroughs that grew after the year 1000 on the back of the Rocche in a single open air museum. From Pocapaglia to Cisterna d'Asti we encounter a unique territory: towers and castles sheltered on the hill ridges, a great variety of natural environments that are the actual remaining of the ancient farmers’ life that still resists despite modern incitements.


The Ecomuseum of Rocche of Roero works to valorize the beauties of the landscapes and to promote to the guests an experience and an active holiday deep in the nature.
It has realized a trail network dedicated to hiking and mountain bike’s lovers that can be freely enjoyed.
All the Paths are circular and begin in the historical centers of the villages: it is thus possible to park the car or the bus, go through the Path and return to the starting point.
The paths, identified by poles and signals, were created for public use: on the website it is possible to freely download the GPS track of each path, see the photo gallery and the Google map with technical details and to organize an holiday referring to the accommodations linked to every trail.


The Ecomuseum offers a series of original and exciting proposals to make a holiday in Roero an authentic experience to be lived!
It is possible to book daily activities or to organize a tour of two or more days in Roero, visiting or staying in the villages you prefer.


The Ecomuseum tourist office is situated in the town of Montà, ideal starting point to discover Rocche phenomenon: here you can find all the information you need for an active holiday. You can reach Montà by car or by public transport in less than 20 minutes from the city of Alba and in 40 minutes from the cities of Torino and Asti.

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