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Borghi delle Rocche - Magliano Alfieri

Magliano Alfieri

Magliano Alfieri, a town that rise-up on a 328 meters above sea level hill, on a natural panoramic balcony on the Tanaro river's vally, has its most interesting monuments in the upper historical centre. The castle, majestic palace built by Alfieri Counts in the Seventeenth century, houses two Museums open to the public.
Situated in a suggestive position, the castle was visited for a long period by the famous dramatic poet Vittorio Alfieri. It's surrounded by a wonderful sight on Langhe hills and by a small but elegant public park, the "Belvedere". Near the Parish Church there is a stop-over of the Strada Romantica delle Langhe e del Roero.


- Castle. Grandiose construction erected by the Alfieri family in the 17th century, with a large entrance, grand staircase and many large rooms. The wing overlooking Tanaro valley has a cylindrical tower at each and.

- "Theatre of the Landscape" Museum. A brand new multimedial Museum housed in the noble wing of the Alfieri Castle, dedicated to the hills of the Langhe and Roero and their modification during the centuries. 

- Museum of Art and Folk Traditions. A particularly original and important section dedicated to the traditional
plaster ceilings of local farmhouses in the past.
Widespread use was made of plaster, mainly because it was cheap due to the large number of chalk quarries in
this part of Piemonte. The humble farmhouses thus acquired a touch of elegance. The moulded white ceilings
with their refined, cultured decorations, enriched these homes while also helping to insulate the rooms and keep
them warm.

- The Crucifixion Chapel. In the northernmost corner of the castle, also accessible from the outside, is the
marvellously frescoed noble Crucifixion Chapel.

- Parish church of St. Andrew. To the left of the castle, set in lush parkland, is the parish church of St. Andrew.
Worthy of note is the ancient bell-tower, which probably dates back to the 14th century.

- Park "Belvedere Vittorio Alfieri". A splendid view of the chian of the Alps and the hills of the Langhe and Roero.




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