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Sentiero della Castagna Granda

140 m
75% nature, 25% road
Difficulty: F (Family) GPS

An easy path departing from the wood which reaches the area of the big chestnut (“castagna granda”), a real giant tree having more than 400 years whose circumference exceeds 10 meters.


The Path of the Great Chestnut Tree is dedicated to a huge chestnut tree, a true living monument, listed by the Piedmont Region in the volume “Monumental Trees of Piedmont”. The estimated age of the Great Chestnut is 400 years, undoubtedly among the oldest chestnut trees in Europe by right. Standing under its hundred-year-old branches or simply spending some time in the glade where it dwells are worthwhile experiences.

The Path starts from the historic centre of Monteu Roero, a great observation point and actual “natural balcony” overlooking some of the most beautiful Rocche of this area, and stretches along the country roads of località Avàj. The walk continues past old cottages and farmhouses up to a centuries-old chestnut grove and the Great Chestnut Tree that overlooks the valley. The second part of the path goes through the typical Roero woods, where majestic Scots pines rise up to the sky, to reach a ridge, a striking viewpoint with a panorama that, on a clear day, ranges from the Castle of Monteu Roero to the historic centre of Santo Stefano Roero.


The Roero trail network is planned to discover the paths by your own.
The trails are signposted with arrows and illustrative boards, in order to walk in the proper direction and in safety.
Please consider your physical abilities before starting a walk.

We recommend to provide you the map of the trail you are going to walk, to equip you with hiking shoes suitable for dirt and, eventually, with trekking poles.
In spring/summer is better to have water with you and some energizing food.
Please consult meteorological websites before leaving, and contact the Ecomuseum office or visite our website to verify the trails conditions.
For people allergic to insects bites or pollens is advised to have with you medicinal products to prevent inhalings or bites.
Before leaving, tell someone your destination or the trail you want to walk, in order to simplify first aid assistance in case of necessity.

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