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Sentiero Religioso

1h 30min
170 m
70% nature, 30% road
Difficulty: EF (Escursionista Facile) GPS

The path follows the footsteps of the ancient pilgrims travelling from the village to the Holy Mount built on the hilltop, on the remains of a pagan temple dedicated to the goddess Diana.

The Religious Path begins in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, where the Ecomuseum of the Rocche is located. From there, you will proceed to the Sanctuary, composed by a romanic Church, thirtheen small chapels with statues of the Passion of Jesus, and a holy sepulchre

The Religious Path follows the historic route of the pilgrims. From central Montà it goes to the Shrine Sanctuary, and returns to the village through the extraordinary countryside of Valle Diana and Rio Canneto. Throughout the centuries, men and women in this territory have made their ritual journeys towards the Shrine Sanctuary to be “closer to God”. It is a path that recalls the experience and knowledge of the world of beliefs, rituals, traditions and special occasions relating to the religiousness of the local populace.



The Roero trail network is planned to discover the paths by your own.
The trails are signposted with arrows and illustrative boards, in order to walk in the proper direction and in safety.
Please consider your physical abilities before starting a walk.

We recommend to provide you the map of the trail you are going to walk, to equip you with hiking shoes suitable for dirt and, eventually, with trekking poles.
In spring/summer is better to have water with you and some energizing food.
Please consult meteorological websites before leaving, and contact the Ecomuseum office or visite our website to verify the trails conditions.
For people allergic to insects bites or pollens is advised to have with you medicinal products to prevent inhalings or bites.
Before leaving, tell someone your destination or the trail you want to walk, in order to simplify first aid assistance in case of necessity.

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