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Sentiero della Fossa dei Cinghiali

130 m
75% nature, 25% road
Difficulty: EF (Escursionista Facile) GPS

Steep zig zag from the ridge to the shady bottom of the valley of Rocche, an ideal humid environment for the fauna that can find puddles and water ponds for drinking.


The Path of the Wild Boar Waterhole starts from the historic centre of Monteu Roero and leads into the evocative woods of the ancient “silva popularis” of Roero. You will be taken through the rocche, walking through the canyons at their feet and you will reach the “Wild Boar Waterhole”, a typical wetland at the bottom of the Rocche, named so because wild boars apparently come here at night to drink. From here you will go up through the woods of the Castle, where legends speak of a valuable treasure guarded within, abandoned by the Spaniards on the run from Monferrato. The treasure was never found: along the way it is easier to find fossil shells and remains of the sea that once covered this area.


The Roero trail network is planned to discover the paths by your own.
The trails are signposted with arrows and illustrative boards, in order to walk in the proper direction and in safety.
Please consider your physical abilities before starting a walk.

We recommend to provide you the map of the trail you are going to walk, to equip you with hiking shoes suitable for dirt and, eventually, with trekking poles.
In spring/summer is better to have water with you and some energizing food.
Please consult meteorological websites before leaving, and contact the Ecomuseum office or visite our website to verify the trails conditions.
For people allergic to insects bites or pollens is advised to have with you medicinal products to prevent inhalings or bites.
Before leaving, tell someone your destination or the trail you want to walk, in order to simplify first aid assistance in case of necessity.

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