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Borghi delle Rocche - CISTERNA D'ASTI


The territory of Cisterna d'Asti is mostly made up of woods and wineyards. It is the only village in Roero that is part of the Asti's province, and it is the last village on the top of the Rocche. It has ancient origins, once surrounded by walls, and dominated by the Castle and the ancient parish church.

The main local specialties are the "meliga biscuits", made up of corn flour, the apple cake, honey, grape mustrad ang the local "grappa". The local typical wine is the Cisterna doc.

MEDIEVAL CASTLE. It goes up to the XII century and has a big square tower. Very interesting is the big tank, that goves the name to the village ("Cisterna" means "tank").

Inside the Castle you can visit the "ANCIENT CRAFTS MUSEUM" where 20 workshops will show you several activities of the past centuries.


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