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Borghi delle Rocche - Bra


Bra is the Roero’s capital, it host Slow Food –a organisation that promote the slow discovering of  real flavours that characterise our land. The city is rich of builings and churches, is an important centre of the Piedmontese Baroque. 


In this area the human presence is assessed from the neolithic period. During the Roman time (II century b.C) was founded Pollentia, on the bank of the Tanaro River (the current Pollenzo) – an important commercial centre between Piedmont and Ligury. To testify their presence we have the amphitheater and many artifacts conserved in Traversa Palace. The origin of the city date back the 1082 when a group of monks built a little centre who grows up including the lands of Adelaide from Susa. During the XI century took the control the Brayda family who started the castle’s building.
Bra became a free centre during the XII century even if it stayed under the magnifying glass of Alba, Asti, the Savoy Lords, the Saluzzo’s and Monferrato Marquisates. After different wars, Bra became a city in the 1760 with the ordinance of Carlo Emanuele III. During the XIII century born many architectural beauty and the XIX century is characterised by the birth of important people like: Saint Giuseppe Benedetto Cottolengo, the archaeologist Brizio and the scientists Craver (founders of the museum).
During the XX century born many tanning industries that cause a real migration from the south part of the State, to provide the big ask of workers. Then, in the last year the city become an important centre for the wine and vegetables production and for milk and meat.    


S. Andrea. One of the most important church in the city with a baroque style built in the 1672 under the direction of Guarini. The important front is marriage with indoor rich of paintings and marble.

Traversa PalaceA gothic art building dates back to the XV century. It host the Archeological museum with Roman pieces and some paintings who represent some scenes of antic life and some retracts.

Craveri Museum of Natural History. It was born like a simple collection thanks to Angelo Craveri but he gave this passion to the soon Federico and Ettore, so they founded this museum in the 1843. When they died the museum will be donated to the municipality of Bra.

The Bra Museums System. 12 museums and collections open to the public.






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